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Should you buy a Toyota Hybrid?


Should you buy a Toyota Hybrid?

Ever wonder if Toyota Hybrids are good? or bad? A Toyota master diagnostic technician explains the truth about Toyota hybrid reliability and dependability.

This video started as a comment from a viewer asking what I thought about buying used or even new hybrids and their long term reliability. Well known and well respected YouTubers like @Scotty Kilmer and @ChrisFix had contradicting opinions on this subject. And I think they are both right each in their own unique way.

In this video I share my humbe opinion on this subject. My humble opinion comes from my experience as a Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician and being a Toyota Hybrid Specialist for over a decade working on multiple Toyota Hybrid models from basic maintenance to complete hybrid system diagnosis and repair. I even mention @HumbleMechanic in this video! Hi Charles! love your channel man!

So the topics I will cover are the following :

1- Are Toyota Hybrids reliable?
2- Should you buy a Toyota Hybrid?
3- Why are you buying a toyota hybrid?
4-Why you should NOT buy a Toyota Hybrid.
5- Best Toyota hybrid models to buy
6- Worst Toyota hybrid models to buy
7- Is the Toyota Prius the king of Toyota Hybrids?
8- What Toyota Hybrids to buy if you don’t like the Toyota Prius?
9- Special Toyota Hybrid maintenance?
10- Are Toyota Hybrids good DIY cars?

I hope after watching this video you will be able to make a better decision on buying a hybrid or not. I Hope if you already own a hybrid that this video helps you prolong the life of your Toyota hybrid as long as possible and I wish you have your Toyota Hybrid for a very long time without any issues.

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0:00 Introduction
01:15 Are Hybrids reliable?
06:24 Should you buy one?
08:56 Why are you buying one?
09:37 Why you shouldn’t buy one
13:12 Best Hybrids to buy used?
13:47 Used Hybrids to Avoid?
16:00 Is Prius the king?
16:54 Don’t like the Prius?
18:22 Special Hybrid Maintenance
19:27 Are Hybrids DIY cars?
23:23 Video Suggestions

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