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How to setup Auto Payment Capital One?


How to setup Auto Payment Capital One?

First open the Capital One website and find the login form. Enter your username and password and click the button – “sign in”. After you logged in you can see all your accounts checking accounts and credit cards. Click on the “View Account” button for your credit card account. In my case it is a Quicksilver Card. On the credit card page click on the “I want to” button. Then find the “Payments” section and click on “Setup Autopay”. On setup autopay you have to choose the amount you want to pay. I always pay statement balance, but you must pay at least the minimum payment. Next you have to select the Payment date. I like to use the 11th of every month. Click choose date. Then you have to choose where you are going to make payment from. Pay from a 360 checking account, but you can link an external bank account if you wish. Now you can see confirmation
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