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for Tesla Docking Station for Model 3/Y 2021-2022 with Restore Data Transfer Function, 6-in-1 Tesla Hub 4 USB Ports + 2 PD Port, 65W Car Fast Charging Box Retrofit Accessories


Price: $65.99
(as of Nov 11,2022 15:42:23 UTC – Details)

Good news for owners who have bought a 2022 Tesla Model 3/Y Due to the lack of a chip in the 2022 Tesla Model 3/Y, the USB data transfer function of the center console has been reduced. This product has been designed and tested continuously, providing a central control fast charging data module, which brings convenience to car owners. You can work in the car, insert the U disk to listen to music and games
1.2022 Tesla car central control lacks the USB data transmission function, this product can perfectly restore the data transmission capability
2.4 USB ports are data modules, which can connect 2 gamepads and microphones at the same time or charge other 5V devices, the total output power is 5V-2.4A
3. The C1 port is a 65W PD interface, which can charge large power-consuming devices such as notebooks or switches. The C2 port is a 30W PD interface, which can provide fast charging for phones
4. The tesla original panel adopts imported flocking technology, and the all-round output burst force test is 60W+35W full load, which is easy and relaxed, and the touch panel does not feel the hot temperature like the GAN multi-port charging head. The actual test panel temperature rise is controlled within 10 degrees.
5. The hardened spring steel L-shaped panel removal tool is provided as a gift, which can easily remove the panel and can be installed without damage, plug and play.

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